Concerning Laser Whitening Teeth Pros and Cons


People nowadays always want to have the best look in every second. Teeth is becoming one of the part which most people always concern of since smiling makes most face look friendly and nice. However, people nowadays also loved to achieve everything faster and simpler as long as it able to happen. That is why people nowadays are also loved to have laser whitening teeth as a way to achieve white teeth faster. Unfortunately, most people are still doesn’t really concern about the laser whitening teeth pros and cons. In this article, we are going to talk about the pros and cons of laser whitening teeth and also some things that people should know about laser whitening teeth.

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What Are The Effects?

First, we are going to talk about some laser whitening teeth pros and cons. As we know, laser whitening teeth is able to increase at least 7 to 10 shades lighter teeth color in instant. But there are some advantages which people will get too. Here are some of them:

–          Save more time

For some people who have busy schedule, this way is a great choice since it need only small amount of time to be finished.

–          Quick and simple

The result will be able to be seen immediately without any other processes to pass.

–          Non-invasive

There will be no pain or blood after the process done.

–          No anesthesia needed

It means that this method is less painful.

–          Suitable for people who fear of dental treatments

Because it is using lasers rather than drills or pen.

–          Works against stubborn stains

Able to remove tobacco stains, deep rooted grey stains and tetracycline stains.

–          Works as instant confidence boost

It is able to happen since the result is able to be seen immediately.

However, there are also several disadvantages that most people will have when they take this treatment. Some of them are:

–          The high cost

Most of the people have to pay more than $1,000, depends on each conditions and requirements.

–          Able to increase tooth sensitivity

This condition is commonly happen to them who have already had sensitive teeth and take the treatment

The Processes and Preparation

After understanding laser whitening teeth pros and cons, people can choose whether they are about to take this laser whitening teeth treatment or not. However, there is some information about the process and preparation which probably will be helpful.

When people want to do laser tooth whitening treatment, they will have to manually clean the teeth to remove plaque. Regular toothbrush can be used, but some dentists recommend using 30 Second Smilefor faster time. After that, there will be a peroxide based gel applied in the teeth for better performance of cleaning process. Next, the gel will be exposed to a specialized light in order to make it activate and able to clean the teeth properly. The process will take about an hour. However, for people who have problem with sensitive teeth, it is better for them to discuss their condition with the doctor first to prevent the disadvantages.

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