AARP Dental Insurance Plans for Seniors and Their Families

AARP Dental Insurance and Physicians Mutual Dental are two of the most popular plans for seniors and their families. This site provides more details on these organization and help you determine if these plans are best for you and your love ones.

AARP is by far the most popular dental plans for seniors. AARP dental insurance plan is provided by a non-profit organization known as AARP. the organization is aimed at supporting the lives as well as well-being of its members comprising people that are of 50 years and above. One of the numerous benefits offered by AARP is the AARP dental insurance plan.

This article will walk you through the different options offered by AARP. We will also shed light on the benefits provided by these options so that you can easily make your choice. You will also discover the criteria for eligibility for the plans as well as how you can assess AARP registered dentists.

AARP Dental Insurance Plans

There are three insurance plans offered by AARP. They include:

  • AARP Delta PPO Dental Plan
  • AARP Delta Plan A
  • AARP Delta Plan B

Let’s take a look at each of these plans:

Delta PPO

The dental insurance coverage that is being provided by AARP is majorly a Delta Dental PPO plan. This is because AARP gets its dental insurance plan from Delta Dental. With this plan, you (if you’re a member) can choose the dental care provider of your choice. Members have the opportunity of choosing dentists that are not within the Delta Dental network just as majority of PPO plans allow.

The dentist will be directly paid for its portion of your dental health expenses by Delta PPO. Thus, all you need to do is to pay your share. Also, your dentist and Delta Dental will carry out the necessary transaction. As a result, there’s no need of dealing with troublesome claims.

AARP Delta Plan A

The AARP Dental Plan A is one of the 2 options that members are provided with under the AARP dental insurance plans. This plan caters for 100% of the diagnostic and preventive dental procedures. It also includes 80% of denture repairs, denture relining, rebase and periodontal maintenance. Fillings, oral surgery and root canals are also catered for by 50%. Members will get an extra 50% coverage on all crown restoration, dentures and periodontal procedure after one year.

This plan also provides a 100% dental accident benefit with a maximum amount of $1000. The deductible for this plan is $50 with a maximum benefit of $1350 on a yearly basis while the temporomandibular joint dysfunction treatment has a maximum limit of $300.

AARP Delta Plan B

This is the second option provided by the AARP dental insurance plans. It is similar to Plan A in many aspects with few differences in the coverage. For instance, the plan provides 80% coverage on diagnostic and preventive care while denature repairs, fillings, oral surgery, periodontal maintenance and endodontics are covered enjoy 50% coverage. Members will also enjoy the additional 50% coverage that is being offered in Plan A.

However, Plan B does not have any provision for dental accident coverage. Plan B has a deductible of $100 with maximum benefit of $1000. It also has the same lifetime maximum limit as Plan A for the treatment of temporomandibular joint dysfunction (i.e. $300).

Eligibility for AARP Dental Insurance Plan

All members of AARP are eligible for AARP dental insurance plan. Each active member can also enroll their spouse, dependent children below 26 as well as dependent children that are disabled to the dental plan. Families can benefit from the plan as long as a member of the family remains an active member of AARP. Once can also enroll for two-party coverage only.

How to Find an AARP Dental Insurance Dentist

The minimum enrollment period into the dental insurance plan is 12 months. After the enrollment, there is a 30-day period during which one can withdraw one’s enrollment and have a 100% refund provided none of the benefits of the plan have been used.

Enrollment into the plan can be suspended when the enrollee do not pay the premium fee. When this happens, all the family members that are enrolled will cease to benefit from the coverage. Dentists within the AARP network can be found by searching the online directory on AARP dental insurance website. The search can be filtered based on your location. With this, you’ll be provided with dentists in your locality. There’s also room for specifying the distance you’re willing to cover to find a dentist. The website provides up to 50 miles.

Fortunately, it’s easy to find dentists in the AARP network provided you provide specific information that meet your needs. If you are in search of local specialists for specialized dental care, the best option is to call your AARP customer service line.

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Physician Mutual Dental Insurance Plans

Physicians Mutual is another top rated dental insurance provider for people of all ages including seniors. Physicians Mutual knows that people’s dental needs, budgets and requirements vary; so they have 3 different dental plans that tailor benefits to customers’ specific needs. All plans cover over 350 different dental procedures, and are available to without regards to a person’s age or dental history. Another attractive feature of all Physician Mutual dental plans is that all preventive procedures are covered on Day 1 of coverage.

Physicians Mutual Dental Plan have 3 different benefit options to choose from. These options include Economy, Standard or Preferred. While all these plans cover the same procedure; plan premium and benefits pay-out vary. The Standard Option pays out about 30% more in benefits than Economy Option, and the Prefer Option has the highest premium costs, and benefits payouts.

Here is an example of the benefit payout a routine dental examine based on {Physician Mutual Dental Plan option

Procedure Economy Standard Prefer
Routine Dental Exam $14 $19 $24

Physician Mutual is aware of the cost of dental insurance today (especially for seniors) has put off many a patient from obtaining insurance cover, but with Physicians Mutual Dental Insurance, everyone is invited! Their plans are designed with their insured in mind. They have a variety of dental insurance plans that are designed to fit your peculiar needs, regardless of your financial background.