The Debate of Banana Teeth Whitening Myth


Having a good smile with white teeth is becoming one of the things that most people want to achieve nowadays. In fact, there are so many teeth whitening which can be used by most people to achieve that look. Some of them are using medicines and chemicals while some others are using the natural ways. Banana is known as one of the items which able to whiten teeth. Anyway, this statement is false and there is some further important information which we should know more about banana teeth whitening myth.

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Do Bananas Able to Act as Whitening for Teeth?

If we are talking about the bananas, then it is absolutely no. Most people think if banana (the fruit) is the one that able to whiten their teeth. However, refers to what most people say, the one that able to whiten teeth is not the banana, but the banana peels. When people are looking for this issue, they will see that the banana peels can be used to whiten teeth by taking a piece of the inside of the banana peels which then will be rubbed gently around the teeth for about two minutes.

Unfortunately, the statement about banana teeth whitening myth are not supported by further information. Most sites will just simply say just about “the minerals inside of the banana peel such as potassium, magnesium and manganese get adsorbed in your teeth and brighten the teeth” without further references or supportive facts.

What are potassium, magnesium and manganese for?

Since there are no further explanations about the statement, it is better for us to start exploring the minerals and what are their exact parts on whitening the teeth. First is the potassium. When we are talking about potassium nitrate, we can see that this mineral contains silica. Silica works as a polishing agent on the dentine surface and mostly used for the treatment of dentine hypersensitivity. In this case, we can conclude that potassium able to help the teeth healthy and look great, but has nothing to do with whitening the teeth.

Second is the magnesium. As we know, magnesium is one of the minerals which popular with bones and teeth. In fact, magnesium is the one that forms the hard enamel which resist decay on teeth and bones. When calcium formed only soft enamel, the magnesium will works on forming the hard enamel which will make the teeth stronger. In short, magnesium helps on keeping the teeth strong. However, there are no explanations about whitening related with magnesium.

Third is the manganese. When we are looking for this information, we can see that there are almost no further details about the function of manganese and teeth. However, some scientist found that manganese take parts in enamel and coronal dentine which are components of the teeth.

By all of those facts, we can conclude that banana teeth whitening myth doesn’t have enough facts which able to proof it as a teeth whitening. However, there are some people who have already tried to use banana peel and get a good result. In the end, people can choose to use banana peel as whitener or just to make their teeth healthy or using the clinically proved toothpaste in the market.

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