Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning


When you hear about ultrasonic teeth cleaning, you may be curious about the safety of the new technology. How secure is it actually? This question is not surprising to appear seeing the fact that ultrasonic cleaning technology is usually used to clean metal, cloth, plastic and rubber. Our teeth are different from the materials. Will the technology give better result when it is applied to clean teeth? Or will it damage our teeth? The following information should be able to satisfy your curiosity.

Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning image: ultra-piezo.com

How Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning Actually Works

The technology makes the best use of high frequency sound waves to work. It features a scaling tip, and at high frequency, the tip vibrates and then it produces ultrasonic waves. The scaling tip can be very hot because of sonic vibration. Hence, a constant flow of water is needed to make the scaling tip stay cool. Meanwhile, the sound waves produce bubbles when they meet the water. And these bubbles are the ones which kill microbes, eliminate tartar and plague.

It is true that ultrasonic cleaning technology uses certain chemicals to clean things. But when it comes to ultrasonic teeth cleaning, it is completely different. The procedure does not involve any dangerous chemicals. It means that using this procedure to clean your teeth is definitely secure. You do not need to worry that your teeth will get harm. Do not imagine car washing when you take this procedure since it is of course different.

What makes taking this procedure greater as compared to manual scraping is that the procedure is way more effective. This is because ultrasonic teeth cleaning can clean some areas that are difficult to reach. Besides, it reduces the risk of tooth enamel damage. If you take manual scraping, you have the big chance to get intense oral troubles. Once again, the procedure is really safe to clean your teeth. While manual scraping will worry you.

These several recent years, many dentists recommend this procedure for teeth cleaning. Besides it is effective, patients would not encounter serious problems in the future. However, it is recommended not to apply this procedure for children who are under twelve years old. This procedure is designed for adult. Pregnant women are not allowed to take the procedure either. This is because ultrasonic teeth cleaning may lead them to experience some serious dangers. However, it is important to know what your dentist has to say before running the procedure.

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