Alpha Dental Plans – Low Price Plans for Individuals and Families


You do not need to spend a lot of money just for getting quality dental treatments nowadays. Alpha Dental Plans are there to help you take care and maintain your teeth and smile. The company offers discount services for everyone. No matter how old you are, you are allowed to apply for the plans. In a brief sentence, the plans are suitable for individuals and families. The good news is that with the dental care provider you can save up to 70% on every visit.

Alpha Dentals Plans have been designed since the early of 1990s. Up to now, the members of the provider reach more than a million in number. They usually prefer to apply for the plans because they are a good alternative to dental insurance which costs very expensive these days. The best thing of discount dental plans is that you can cut the cost you have to pay for the dental procedures. You will like to apply for the plans because the application process is simple. Moreover, there is no waiting period.

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Three Alpha Dental Plans Offers

The provider offer three good discount dental plans. The first plan is the Colorado plan which is aimed for those who live in Colorado merely. In Colorado, the dental care provider has more than 810 offices you can pick to visit. All of the offices are great and comfortable enough to help you solve any dental problems you may experience. This plan is not as expensive as you may imagine. For a month, the price starts from 14.25 dollars. And you know, with this plan you are able to save about 20% to 70%. If you live in Colorado, this dental plan can be your best choice.

The second plan of Alpha Dental you will like is the Careington 500 Dental Plan. Different from the Colorado Plan, the Careington is designed nationwide. In the country, there are more than 95,000 offices to visit. Each of the offices has qualified dentists to take care your teeth. For this plan, you are charged for 6.95 dollars a month.

The third plan to include here is the Careington POS Dental Plan which requires you to pay from 5.95 dollars only a month. For this plan, there are more than 107,000 offices that are ready to solve your dental problems. Alpha Dental creates this plan to serve those who are on a tight budget. Discounts you will get are up to 50%. So please choose the alpha dental plans according to your needs.

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