Ameritas Dental for Quality Dental Treatment


Ameritas Dental is one of the biggest dental treatment providers in the United States. They claim that their members these days reach more than 3.5 millions members. Even, they state that they are ready to help millions more people get high quality dental treatment. Once you come to them, they guarantee that you are able to keep your smile. Are they really that great? Let us take a look at some dental treatment plans they have to offer.

Ameritas Dental offers some plans, either for families or individuals. The first plan to mention here is the traditional plan. This plan allows you to choose any dentist you like within their network. There are many professional dentists you can use and all of them are able to solve any problem related to dental you suffer. This kind of service is not a common service in the nation. The good news is that you will get fifty percent discount for basic and major dental treatment services. However, if you take the preventive treatment, you have to pay 100% cost.

The next plan you may be interested in is the progressive plan. This plan is aimed for those who already have their own dentists. Through Ameritas Dental, you can pay your dentist 10% less expensive. For prevention treatment, you are able to get it immediately. On the other hand, if you take the major or basic services you have to wait for a certain amount of time. This is aimed to avoid you from shortly cancelling the plan. What makes the progressive plan great is that the plan allows you to pay 25 dollars less expensive for six month basic services and 100 dollars deductible price for major services.

For saving your money a lot, you may like to take the access plan. However, for this plan you are only able to choose dentists within their network. For prevention dental treatment, the dental care provider does not give any discount. But if you take the basic and major services, you are allowed to pay five dollar less.

Taking one of the plans provided is a great idea to do. Any claim you have, they will process it immediately, within five to ten days. In addition, for last several years, they have been working with companies and institutions in the field. If you get frustrated with your current dental care provider, you can try to come to Ameritas Dental.

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