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Students who are planning to attend dental school might be surprised with the costs which are associated to be a dentist. Pre-dental students are required to pay for tuition, fee, book, instrument, and other additional expenses. The cost is known to keep increasing from year to year. Many pre-dental students are interested in attending the best dental school like Harvard. Before attending Harvard University, School of Dental medicine, you might want to know first about Harvard dental school tuition.

For your information, Harvard University is included to the list of top 10 costliest dental schools to attend as of 2009. It is also because of Harvard dental school tuition which is quite costly. If you are planning to attend the school, you need to submit your application. The application deadline is in August first. You need to pay for application fee for $70. The accreditation status of School of Dental medicine of Harvard University is A. The university is accepting the students who are not trained in US or Canadian dental school.

Harvard Dental School Tuition


The length of dental program in Harvard University ranges from 36-60 months. Pre-dental students are required to have State License. The degrees or certifications which are offered by the school are DMSc and MMSc. There are some prerequisites of the school. These are including National Board Exam, TOEFL, dental degree, letters of recommendation, and class rank. Pre-dental students need to spend hours for specific training and. The duration of each training is pathology 40 hours, anesthesia 80 hours, implants 60 hours, nitrous oxide 40 hours, and IV sedation 80 hours. The students are required spending 2,200 hours in clinical patient treatment. To support the education, students are required paying Harvard dental school tuition which consists of tuition fee, clinic fee, and other fees.

If you are wondering on Harvard dental school tuition, the tuition fee is approximately $48.385. The fees are including the school fee, clinic fee, and other fees. You might also need to pay for instrument fee for $5,000. The instruments are including camera and books. Harvard School of Dental medicine teaches 3I or Straumann implant system type. Pre-dental students need to complete various implant cases per residency. The number of implant cases completed is approximately 40 patients and 60-100 implants.

The clinical setting which is offered by Harvard School of Dental medicine is hospital and dental school. Harvard University is working with associated hospitals including Children’s Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Forsyth Institute, and Massachusetts General. The average number of cases completed per residency is 20. The students will have research requirements which are research leading to a thesis.

For your information, the average GPA of most recent class which is admitted into Harvard University School of Dental medicine was 3.7. It is highest of all Dental Schools. The DAT score is 22 which is far higher than average for all dental schools. The dental program or DDS/DMD at Harvard University School of dental Medicine admits about 35 students every year. It is less than average dental schools. The grand total of Harvard dental school tuition is $61,145. The tuition fee itself is $39,990. However, you need to pay other expenses for room and board and all other fees for $21,155.

One of the best dental schools in the world is the Harvard dental school. If you decide to plunge into dentistry as the path of your life, then Harvard can lead you to your bright future. It was the first dental school in the United Sates. Up to now, the school has produced millions of professionals in the dental field. And the world would not dare refuse the quality of dentists who learned at the school.

The school is originally named Harvard School of Dental Medicine (HSDM). Enrolling at the Harvard dental school will never be a wrong decision. There are many advantages you can expect from the school. Once you become a student of the HSDM, you belong to a group of incredible people. There, at the HSDM, you will not only learn in class but also participate in community projects, organize seminars, work with other extraordinary people and many other interesting things.

If you are interested in enrolling at the dental school, you will like to learn more about the programs you can take.

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Medicine Programs of the Harvard Dental School 

The Harvard dental school has been committing to provide the world high quality dentists through its programs. The programs include DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) program, AGE (Advanced Graduate Education) program, and BSDM (Biological Sciences in Dental Medicine) program. You can choose one of these programs to ensure your future.

As for the DMD program, it will give you advanced knowledge in dentistry. The goal of this program is developing students who are able to have comprehensive understanding of oral and systemic health. The program expects you to study in class, practice in real dental office and conduct research in the dental field. By taking this program, you will have the bigger chance to work in reputable institutions or companies in the dental field.

The next program the Harvard dental school has to offer is the AGE. This program is designed to lead students get awarded with a doctor or master of medical sciences degree. However, if you take this program, you are required to conduct beneficial research before you graduate.

If you want to earn a PhD degree, you can take the BSDM program. This program is designed to provide students intellectual foundation for dental medicine. You will learn the process of molecular, cellular, supramolecular and supracellular. The Harvard dental school will make your dream come true.