Guardian Dental Provider: Affordable Dental Coverage Solutions


If you are a company owner or manager looking for a quality yet affordable dental insurance for employee benefits, we recommend you to look at Guardian Dental Provider.  There are so much benefits of choosing Guardian Dental provider. First is the experience, the company has been in the business for over 50 years earning the know how to deal, impress and satisfy the customer as well as the knowledge and network to produce the best quality product for its customer. The Guardian Dental Provider is also part of bigger company, the Guardian Life Insurance Company which has a tremendous reputation in delivering quality product as well as steady financial condition that make the company dependable even in the worst financial crisis.

The second benefit is the broad variety of their services and products. It doesn’t matter if you are an owner or manager of small, medium or even large company, there is always a customize benefit packages available that will be able to cater your specific needs. With the necessary experience, financial strength and quality products nowadays the company has been earning the trust of more than six million employees and their dependant to provide company benefits. The plans they enjoy are ranging from disability and life plans to dental, medical, vision and critical health coverage. Specifically for dental plans, the guardian dental insurance provides variety of innovative plans features such as periodontal treatments, early cancer screening, adult fluoride treatments and dental implants coverage.

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The Guardian Dental Provider Products

As it has been mentioned earlier the Guardian Dental Provider has so many available dental insurance options to choose from such as Dental Guard Basic, Dental Preferred PPO, and also the Pre-Paid DHMO plans for customers who live in certain locations. The main product of Guardian Dental insurance is Dental Preferred PPO. In this particular plan the customer will be required to choose one preferred dental care provider or dentist that will provide dental care for them moreover this particular dental provider doesn’t have to be within the network. However by choosing a dentist who is also a member of the PPO will be very benefiting for you as it can reduce the out-of pocket cost up to 30 % and also giving you more covered services. You can find the database of the dentist who is member of PPO by visiting the Guardian Dental Provider website.

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