GEHA Dental Connection 2013


Many people are looking for information about GEHA dental connection 2013 without actually know what kind of dental plan its offer or even what is GEHA actually. Let’s start by discussing GEHA, shall we? Since December 31, 2006, under the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP) GEHA, among several other companies were selected to offer federal employees supplemental dental benefits. Besides for the Dental plan, GEHA also has contract with the OPM to offer preferred provider organization (PPO) health plan options as well as the new high deductible health plan that will work with the HSA or health savings account. The GEHA Dental Connection 2013 has extensive network of more than 91,000 dental provider locations across the states. In addition, it also has the biggest largest health care preferred provider networks in the States, Nationwide it spread in more than 1 millions locations. The company commit themselves to gives the best services to their member, by choosing the GEHA Dental Connection 2013 you can get dental plan that offers a lot of benefits such as:

  • Free preventive care in all GEHA in-network health service locations.
  • $2,500 maximum benefit for Standard Option
  • A lucrative $12,000 maximum benefit for High Option
  • Benefits at any dentist.

GEHA Dental Connection 2013

How to Enroll in GEHA Dental Connection 2013

After knowing the benefits you can get by choosing the GEHA connection Dental Federal dental plan you will likely want to know the way or steps to enroll in the insurance plan. The good news is, it is easy and also not require you to pay membership fees. The very first step to enroll in the GEHA Connection Dental Plan is to contact BENEFEDS. The BENEFEDS itself is a enrollment vendor for all Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP).

New enrollment for GEHA Connection Dental opens for all federal employees during the window of the annual Open Season enrollment period. The window opportunity to enroll will also open if the employees are going through a qualified life event, either way any federal employee that is eligible for GEHA connection can enroll in the dental plan including those who don’t have a GEHA health plan.

If you wish to change your enrollment, for example if you want to change personal information about your dental plan enrollment including address, phone numbers and so on you can do that by visiting the BENEFEDS. To contact the BENEFEDS, whether to enroll in the GEHA Dental Connection 2013 or to change enrollment status, you can call (877) 888-3337 toll-free.

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