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The MetLife Tricare Dental Program has been opened for new applicants since last 21st March, 2012. According to the Tricare press release, the program is created to give over two millions beneficiaries from all over the world dental benefits. And the beneficiaries can be active duty family members and reservists including their families.

The program has been started on the first of May, 2012. It is now not too late for you to enroll this program since many dental benefits wait for you. The Tricare also guarantees that those who apply for the program will get the highest quality dental care in the nation. Beside the applicants themselves, their family members can also get benefits from the great dental health treatment the contractor offers.

Enrolling the MetLife Tricare Dental Program is not a difficult task to accomplish. It is because applicants are not required to fill out any paperwork. What applicants need to do is just spending certain amount of money for the monthly premiums through their credit cards. For further information on how to enroll this program, you can take a look at the official site of Tricare. Once you apply for the program, you will get a welcome package if you show them your new enrolment card.

One of the main benefits of enrolling such a program is that you are allowed to decide to use any dentists within the network. Also, you have the freedom to pick any location you like on which you want to get the dental care service. More than 164,000 dentists and locations are available for you to choose.

The good news is that this MetLife Tricare Dental Program now charges you way cheaper, compared to the cost required in the previous year. You can learn the prices they offer for such a program from the official website too. The new offers include an annual benefit around 1,200 dollars to 1,300 dollars, 1,200 dollars a year for dental care services caused of accident, from 1,500 dollars to 1,750 dollars maximum orthodontic lifetime.

Even though you will only able to use dentist within the network, you do not need to worry about their abilities. They are all professionals, and have many years of experience. Any dental health problem you have, they will be able to solve your problem quickly. So, for gaining a lot of dental benefits, enrolling the Metlife Tricare Dental Program seems promising.

Started from May 2, MetLife Military Dental has been ready to serve quality dental care for over two millions of reservists and their family members. Beside the increase quota, the provider also plans to improve its services so that people are able to get healthy teeth and smile. It was said that there would be big improvement.

For the current members of Tricare Dental, they are recommended to change their dental care provider to MetLife Military Dental. The requirement for making this change is not difficult to fulfill. The members do not need to complete any paperwork. However, those who pay their monthly fee through credit card are required to contact the dental care provider. This is aimed for reauthorizing the monthly payment.

The good news you and reservists may like to hear is that MetLife offers new enrollment for those who are recently not registered as the members of TDP. They have prepared this plan in advance and they are ready to help you in case you have any question concerning the enrollment. You can contact the company’s customer service since they will answer any question you have about this.

Through the new improvement, MetLife Military Dental commits to add some more locations so that many people will be easier to get quality dental treatment. Based on the report publish by Tricare Dental, there will be over 164,000 dentist offices where members are allowed to come to for solving their dental problems or prevention. The number of dentists to serve its members also increases. The additional dentists are selected among those who are expert in solving dental issues. Those who have already had their own dentists are recommended to find out whether the dentists are included in the network or not.

There are many benefits can be expected from this system improvement. The benefits may include coverage of whitening teeth and fillings, coverage of cleaning for pregnant women, intensive treatment for children, no additional fee for root planning and scaling, and many other dental benefits.

Enrolling at MetLife is never a wrong decision to make. Seeing the benefits the dental care provider has to offer, you will never end up in regret after applying for the plan. With the new changes that include more coverage, MetLife Military Dental can be your best option if you and your family members want to have healthy teeth and of course healthy smile.

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