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California Dental Board was established in 1870. Up to know, the association has helped millions of its members to serve people better dental care. Today, according to the report published on its official website, the association claims that there are more than 25,000 dentists who have already joined this organization. Beside that, the organization has 32 dental societies. From year to year, more and more dentists join this association since it is very beneficial for them.

The main reason why a lot of dentists join the California Dental Board is that the association assists its members to learn more comprehensive lessons on how to serve high quality dental treatment. Since it was founded, the organization has committed to develop oral health so that more and more people are able to gain healthy teeth and beautiful smile.

The association also helps its members to get promising positions. If you have some difficulties in finding the correct job for you, joining this organization may help you much. They have worked with many health institutions across the country so that they are able to make a good recommendation for you. With other members, you are allowed to learn deeper and deeper how it is the best way to provide people high quality dental care at low price. If you become the member of this board, you have the chance to diagnose dental problem through the latest technology in the field.

California Dental Board is the place where you can get the latest information about the development of dentistry. There are also classes, seminars and programs you can attend to improve your ability. The association is even able to help you get licensing requirement for your practices. You are not required to come to a certain spot to attend the classes, seminars and programs. You can join through online.

It should not be denied that dentists get many advantages from joining the association. Students are allowed to join. The benefits students can expect is that it will be easier for them to graduate and find their career.

Seeing that sometimes a dentist can not solve a certain dental problem, joining the association can help the dentist find partners to solve the difficult case. There are teams in which you can join if you wish it. Joining California Dental Board is the step you need to take for entering the bright future and better life.

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Based on the research done by the American Dental Association Journal in 2005, the percentage of female dentists is just 14%. The numbers hopefully will be increasing in 2020 to become about 29%. It is just like the numbers of practitioners in other medical disciplines that are dominated by men. Such reality makes some dental schools provide special dental scholarships for women. It hopefully can increase the numbers of female students in the dental schools that commonly have high cost of school fees. You can find the dental schools with scholarships for women below.

Dr. Bessie Elizabeth Delaney Female Dental Scholarships

Dr. Bessie Elizabeth Delaney is a former dentist, an initiate in the movement of civil rights, and also an author. The National Dental Association wants to honor the female dentist by releasing the Dr. Bessie Elizabeth Delaney Award as much as $10,000. The dental scholarship is given to those who are following postgraduate dental degree. To apply the scholarship, someone should be a United States citizen and a member of National Dental Association. The applicant has to submit an application letter for the scholarships, curriculum vitae, and two recommendation letters. Besides, the program director of the student should also give the nomination that the applicants are eligible to get the award. After the requirements are completed, the applicant should submit them via website of National Dental Association.

Eleanor J. Bushee Memorial Female Dental Scholarships

Eleanor J. Bushee was the American Association of Women Dentists president. To honor of her works is the reason why this scholarship is launched. The women dental scholarships will be given to those who have qualified leadership demonstrations and have high academic value. The students’ school dean will choose the winners of the scholarships and you have to be a member of American Association of Women Dentists. Dental Scholarships are regularly launched by the dental school every year in different types and sums of the incentives; based on the funds gotten from the organization funding.

Enid A. Neidle Three Months Education Program

This dental scholarship will be given to some members of female dental faculty. It will be the incentives for attending the education program in American Dental Education Association as long as three months in Washington DC. The students will learn about dental issues related to women and the female educators in dental schools. As long as three months of the educational program, each of the attendees will get $6,000; living expenses and travel included. The scholarships will be given to the members of American Dental Education Association and dental schools. To apply the scholarship, the students should attach an essay that writes about the benefits of the program for career goals of the candidates.

Short term Training Awards of Craniofacial Research and National Dental Institute

This scholarship is sponsored and funded by American Dental Association, Craniofacial Research and the National Institute of Dental. The money of the scholarships will be used by students to do researches while educated in the school. The applicants must be a dental school’s student and the citizen of United States.

Dental Scholarships


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