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When people get older, the importance of having insurance for dental care, such as the AARP dental insurance plan, increases. It’s because the risk of getting dental problems and gum diseases are dramatically increased as you reached more mature age. While the risks are even bigger the expense for medical care to cure the problems may not quite affordable for senior citizens who are normally in their retirement and unproductive age. The combinations of two factors often forced senior citizens or retirees to delay or even evade the treatment which eventually lead to more severe oral and dental problems. To avoid this problem the older people need to be given access to affordable and quality dental insurance plan. Fortunately Dental Insurance Company and AARP come and offer affordable dental coverage in for of AARP Dental Insurance plan.

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Steps to Get AARP Dental Insurance Plan

To get the AARP Dental insurance plan the applicant should follow these simple steps carefully:

  • Visit the AARP website and find the “Member Discount and Services” section. Click the button and the look for the “insurance” option on the next page. You can find the AARP Dental Insurance link at the center. Click the link to get brief introduction to the program. You can also search the dentist and coverage availability in the page. If you are still confused and need direct assistance you can call the number (866)583-2092.
  • Find out more about dental-related information, coverage, claim processing, policy details and enrollment by navigating through the left side menu. You can also find frequently asked questions (FAQ) section and Contact Us for complete contact information.
  • Find how much the plan will cost you by clicking the “enrollment” menu and activating the rate finder. To use it, simply enter your zip code and state then click on the “find rate” button to read the eligibility requirement.
  • The next step is to download and print the AARP Dental Insurance enrollment form. To do that you must already have Adobe Acrobat software installed on your PC or laptop. To get direct assistance in filling out the form you can contact (866)261-4275 or you can also finish all the registration by phone instead of online by calling (866)583-2085.
  • Complete the entire application, sign and send it to the address written on the form.

Last but not least is to wait for the AARP Dental Insurance Plan welcome kits to be sent to your home in within four weeks, then all the processes are complete.