Dental Abscess Treatment and Prevention


Lack of proper dental care, poor dental health, and low oral hygiene can lead you to affect a dental abscess. When you find out that inside your tooth or around the root of the tooth there is a volume of pus full of white blood cells, dead tissues, and bacteria, it means that you are affected. It happens because the bacteria remain in the dead tissues so that it causes an infection.

When you affect a dental abscess you will feel pain in your tooth, and the gum on which the tooth sits swells and reddens. Usually the pain keeps continuing for several days. And during those days, you may get chill, fever, and even you may loose your tooth and also as a consequent, your appetite will be gone. If the pain remains after several days, you may even vomit and get difficulties in swallowing food.

Dental Abscess Treatment and Prevention

Many people who affected by the symptoms mentioned above do not know that they may suffer from the abscess. That is why they are inclined to relieve the tooth pain they feel merely without any thoughts of going to have comprehensive treatments. Actually, they can decrease the pain with some medicines such as ibuprofen and naproxen. However, these medicines just help the sufferers to rid of the pain for a while since the infection still exists. Another easy way to get rid of the pain is by cleaning the tooth with saltwater or clove oil.

Cracking the dental abscess is a must. It is true that sometimes treating the abscess simply with saltwater can make it cracked, yet it does not mean that you are secure from the infection. That is why the best way to get rid of the tooth pain and remove the infection is, of course, coming to your dentist as soon as you suffer from the symptoms. In certain cases, surgery is needed to crack the abscess. However, it can be cracked with pain reliever and antibiotics merely.

Preventing suffering from the abscess is actually easy task to do. You just need to make sure that every day you provide sufficient oral hygiene. Beside that, cleaning your teeth with toothbrush in the morning, after having meal, and before you go to bed every day can prevent you affect the abscess.

Since a dental abscess is a serious disease, immediate proper treatment is required to prevent further effects.

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