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Cigna, as one of the most well known insurance company has been dealing with dental care insurance for quite some time. The Cigna dental provider login is a part of their dental insurance policy. There are many benefits from the company’s insurance in dental health care based on their site, which includes:

  • Automatic Claim Submission

Your dentist’s office (who should be on their network) will automatically submit your claims.

  • Integrated billing

The company has combined both dental and medical statements in one bill, which makes it clearer for the customer.

  • Ease of dentist option

The company allows you to get specialist care with no referrals, and you don’t have to choose your primary dentist too!

  • Large dentist network

Currently there are more than 72 thousands dentists that are included in the Cigna dental provider.

  • Easy access

You can get information and ask questions in three different option, first the customer service at 1.800.Cigna24 (1.800.244.6224), online access with, and via the official app for Cigna, the myCigna app.

Cigna Dental Care

In regards to the new Cigna dental care insurance, there are three options available, including myCigna Dental Preventive, myCigna Dental 1000, and myCigna Dental 1500. The first option offers the lowest pay up, and Cigna will cover preventive and diagnostic services. In the second and third option, your dental preventive, diagnostic and restorative services are covered. The difference between myCigna Dental 1000 and 1500 is the maximum amount that CIGNA will pay. You can get more information about each plan in our source links provided under this post.

Now let’s talk more about being included in the Cigna dental resources network. Later we will also discuss about Cigna dental provider login, advantages, and what does it takes to be part of the network.

Joining as a Cigna dental provider is a breeze. However, there are some credentials that you have to fulfilled before you get your Cigna dental provider login, including the State License, DEA or Controlled Substance Certificate, Graduation from Dental School, Professional Liability Insurance, Application and Contract, Malpractice and Sanction History, Onsite dental facility assessment, and Specialty training verification (if applicable). All of these information will be verified by Cigna. If you have prepared the papers, you can submit the documents online via the official site. For more information, you may send an email to or call 1.800.Cigna24.

That being said, there are several controversies arose around the CIGNA company. While the company has a long history and huge network, apparently there are some disturbing statistics from the Consumer Affairs of United States. Apparently there are a lot of claims are denied compared to other dental insurance companies at the same time. The CNA rate Cigna’s customer satisfaction as poor (checkout below for the source).

Aside of the controversy, CIGNA is still a good option to have if you are a dentist who wants to get the Cigna dental provider login. Having this dental insurance integrated in your office is a wise thing to do for your patient, because having more option is a good thing.



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