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If you are looking for comprehensive dental service for your oral and mouth health then you have to consider Castle Dental Service. The dental clinic offers a wide range of dental services with excellent quality, from the professional, experienced doctor to the state of the art dental healthcare equipments all available in the Castle Dental Service. Moreover, the dental clinic has promise “to deliver Smiles for everyone” that means they will provide the most comfortable and clean environment for dental service, warm and friendly staff as well as quality and affordable dental service for every customer. You can expect pleasurable experience of dental service by visiting the Castle Dental Service.

If you are planning on visiting the clinic, it is recommendable that you bring along the following in order to make your visit as brief and pleasant as possible:

  • Dental x-ray: You can bring the recent, in the last six month, x-rays picture, or you have to take new x-rays.
  • Medical history, note of any medication you take and dental history
  • Dental insurance coverage

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Castle Dental Service Variety

The Castle Dental offers wide variety of dental services such as:

  • Oral exam: extensive and comprehensive extra-oral, intra-oral, and soft tissue of the mouth evaluation and recording. The doctors can find and analyze your dental and general medical condition in this exam.
  • Teeth Cleaning:  You can avoid most of dental problems by having your teeth cleaned regularly.
  • Dental Filling: You can restore the damaged tooth structure using various materials such as porcelain, metal and resin. The clinic offers the latest technologies to take care your cavities.
  • Dental Crowns: To replace missing teeth or to cover unsightly teeth the dental clinic offers the popular dental crowns and bridges services.
  • Oral Surgery: To treat diseases, defects, injuries involving both aesthetics and functional aspect of the soft and hard tissues of the mouth, gums, teeth, neck, jaws and head that need surgical action.

Besides the aforementioned dental services Castle Dental also offers various other specific dentistry services such as: tooth removal, endodontics, root canal, prosthodontics, dentures, dental implants, periodontics, gum diseases treatment, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics and braces as well as cosmetic dental care such a teeth whitening with laser or chemical. To find more information about the Castle Dental clinic or to make an appointment for dental service you can visit their website at or simply call Castle Dental Service at 1-800-867-6453.

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