A Guide To Kindergarten Dental Health


Kindergarten dental health lesson and activities are important to teach the children about the teeth. Usually, the lesson is including the teeth’s structure, the position of the teeth, how to care of teeth, and the impacts of the teeth if it is not taken care properly. In teaching the lesson to the younger children, you should make it fun and interesting. By learning the dental health in fun and interesting way, the children can learn it well. You might also teach the activities which can reduce the anxiety feeling in the children to go to the dentists.

When you are giving the kindergarten dental health lesson, the first lesson should discuss and demonstrate the importance of good dental health habits. After finishing this lesson, you can continue with discussing and demonstrating the importance of the clean hands and body. In teaching the lesson, you should be supported with necessary materials. The teachers might work together with the school nurse to present the dental health care lesson. You need to give understanding to the students about the importance and the function of flossing and brushing. Request the students to start to care of their teeth.

Work with the nurse to give demonstration how to brush teeth. You can use the mouth and mouth model. Before demonstrating the toothbrush process, you should explain about the plaque. You need to ask the student to bring their toothbrush to do the practice. If you start the kindergarten dental health lesson, it is even better if you explain about the teeth structure by using the teeth model.

It is important for you to explain that even though the teeth are strong but they are also vulnerable. You should explain to the students that they can get cavities on their teeth if they do not brush and floss their teeth. Encourage them to eat healthily and schedule the regular visit to their dentists.

Some children are still not familiar with the dental floss. In doing this lesson, you should give the explanation to use the dental floss. Do not forget to ask them to practice with the floss. The lesson is including some things. The first thing is making the tooth brush. You can use the construction paper to handle the toothbrush. Use the brown paper towel which is folded with strips cut for the brush. The next tool is the lost tooth packet and chart. You can make the envelope shaped packet to keep a lost tooth in.

You might also need the tooth puppet from lunch sack. You should add the body parts including eye, mouth, and hands on the tooth. Do not forget to cut some pictures of mouths and teeths from magazine to form a collage. Some teachers even hold a dramatic play center. You should equip the center with white jackets or gowns, gloves, reclining chair, flashlight, appointment book, and much more. The dramatic play can be good encouragement to introduce the children to the dentist office. It is known that some children are afraid to go to the dentist. You can start giving the courage the children that the dentists are not scary. In teaching kindergarten dental health lesson, you should make the lesson fun and interesting so the children are happy.

Kindergarten Dental Health

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