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If you are looking for a comfortable pediatric dental care for your child, you will like to visit Familia Dental. Despite the fact that this dental care provider can be found in many different locations through the country, they provide a wide play area for children so that they can enjoy their dental visits. A theatre room, an indoor park, and game stations are provided in all offices. In addition, all dentists in this company are kind and patient.

Beside Familia Dental is perfect for children, this provider also offers high quality dental care for adults. What makes this provider great is that they charge you more affordable prices than many dental care providers in this country.

Their services include bridges, root canal treatment, digital dental X-rays, restoring damaged teeth, and teeth whitening. When you visit the dental care provider for the first time, they will perform an X-rays examination in order to find out your jaw’s structure, malformed roots, oral tissue, tooth decay and other your dental problems. On your regular checkups, you will get necessary services related to your dental problems and even suggestion for maintaining healthy teeth.

However, the problem you may face when it comes to educating your child on dental care or oral hygiene is that the difficulty in explaining the importance of dental care in a way that your child can understand. In this case, their dentists have certain methods so that your child will understand quickly and then cooperate to maintain their healthy teeth.

Different from other providers, this company provides any dental services at any time in case you need an emergency dental treatment. No matter morning or evening, you are allowed to get their quality services.

The head office of Familia Dental is located at 2050 E Algonquin Road, Schaumburg, Illinois. However, there are twenty offices you can choose to come to. Just to mention a few, there is one in Elgin, New Braunfels, Wheeling, Abilene, and many other locations.

In order to make a beautiful smile keep appearing on the face of your precious child, it is better for you to take your child to the nearest office as soon as you notice the first teeth of your baby arise. Also, in a year, it is recommended to see a dentist twice. For maintaining healthy teeth in a long term, taking the Familia Dental insurance plan can be beneficial for you.

These days, in this big country, there are a large number of dental care providers. Of all the providers, Cigna Dental providers are one of the largest and most experience ones. They have been serving people high quality dental care for many years and gaining in popularity in the dental world.

The network offers several dental plans which cover different dental claims. In the first place, there is Dental Care DHMO which allows you to pick one of the Cigna Dental providers only. In other words, you are not able to use your own dentists. The second plan to mention in this article is Dental PPO which you can pick your own provider and dentist. However, this plans charge you a little bit higher than the first plan. Next, there is Dental EPO which does not charge you any fee, and if you are required to pay, it is just a little. Traditional Plan is also one of the network has to offer. If you take this plan, you need to spend some money for the deductible. The last plan is Flex Advantage which allows you to change plans every month. If you are looking for a short time plan, the last plan is perfect for you.

What makes many people opt for Cigna Dental providers is that they provide high quality dental treatment at affordable prices. A member of one of the plans is able to save between 62% and 85%. This is possible to occur since they have some low deductible programs which allow you to pay nothing for every office visit you make.

The number of dentists within the network is amazing. It reaches more than fifty thousands so that you don’t need to worry that you can’t find a great dentist in your location. All dentists included in the network are qualified dentists. That is because before a dentist can participate to serve people good dental care under the name of Cigna Dental providers, the dentist has to be well-trained and certified. The network offers dentists promising future too. The dentists get paid for every visit and huge monthly salary.

So, if you are dissatisfied with your current dental care provider, you can try to opt for one of the Cigna Dental providers. They respond every dental problem quickly and solve the dental problem thoroughly. It is for sure that you will get many dental benefits.

In my opinion, if you are looking for a job that can bring you financial security, you had better try to be a dental hygienist. Such professional cooperates in a team with dentist. People with this job usually help do care for the teeth. For instance, they assist any need of teeth cleaning. Such cleaning is very advantageous to get rid of calculus, plaques, and stains. They also often take part in giving education to patients on how to keep their teeth healthy individually. In addition, dental hygienists help detect any symptom of disease on both gum and teeth through X-ray. Then, they will consult the examination results to dentists. Some of such dental health experts are able to give anesthetics as well if needed. Dental hygienists play an important role too in giving advice to patients about good lifestyle and food that can support them in keeping the health of their teeth. Even though this job only deals with a small part of the whole human body, it is truly worth it in terms of salary.

A dental hygienist salary is various. It depends on how big the office of the dental care is and where it is located. The same as other jobs, people with dental hygiene skill who stay in a big city will surely have much income that those who stay in a countryside. Besides the size and the location of the office, personal experience in the field can also determine the dental professional’s salary. If you are planning to have such job in the future, you should know its salary range. The lowest range starts from approximately $17 for an hour. Meanwhile, the highest range begins from approximately $62 for an hour. It means that in a year you can earn from $30,000 up to $120,000. This salary amount is absolutely bigger than that of dental assistant who can only gain $22,000 at the least and $50,000 at the most per year. What makes dental hygienists become an enjoyable job to do is because it does not always require people to work based on hourly rates. Some of them even often do their work according to basis of commission. The benefit that they can get by working this way is that it is more possible for them to earn more income since such work awards more bonuses for those who succeed in achieving more than the expected goals. The table and chart below represent current situation of dental hygienist salaries in some of U.S. states:


Average Salary

Alabama $  43,656
Alaska $110,180
Arizona $  84,325
Arkansas $  75,016
California $  96,523
Colorado $  80,800
Connecticut $  83,004
Delaware $  68,612
Georgia $  51,744
Hawaii $  66,215
Idaho $  68,496
Illinois $  64,784
Indiana $  73,906
New Jersey $  85,320
Newyork $  54,101
Ohio $  66,749
Rhode Island $  79,818
Texas $  67,192
Utah $  40,442
Washington $101,288
Washington DC $  98,867
West Virginia $  76,048
Wyoming $  72,823


I am sure that you are also eager to find out more things that people can gain by being teeth hygienists. The first advantage is that they are sometimes given a chance to enjoy free vacation. The one that usually becomes a sponsor for such program is either dental or health insurance. Then, as mentioned previously, those who are successful in passing the desired goals are often given more incentives. Since it is possible for the hygienists to take either part- or full-time job, their schedule is more flexible and adaptable. Meaning to say, it is free for them to decide when they work. If the office needs their help, they will do their job. If there is no request for a help, they can do other jobs that can lead them to get more money. In case you wish to get additional benefits, I recommend you take the full-time one. If the hygienists work in a hospital and in a big practice, their benefits will surely be much better. Those who work under the capacity of the government can also take the same advantages. To start career in the field of dental hygiene only needs 2 years at the least. Whether your study in this field will be time-consuming or not depends on the aspect that you choose. To start your own practice in private basis just requires 2 years of education that is equal with associate degree. There have been so many community and technical colleges that promote such education. Meanwhile, to begin working in teaching or research, a higher degree is a must. People should study the field for 4 years. In the first two years they have to complete education in prerequisite basis. They should pass such subjects as health, English, and science. Then, in the last two years they have to deepen their knowledge on dental hygiene. After 4 years of education has been accomplished, bachelor degree is given to them.

Dental Hygienist Salary


In brief, a dental hygienist is one of the most promising medical careers. From 2006 up to 2016 the demand of people with this job gradually increases. That is why it can be said that this job is truly a great option to select. What makes it worth to give a try is that it dares to support people with the greatest amount of salary, the widest benefits, and the most flexible work hours. With this job, you will definitely be able to own convenient style of life. The more advanced your education is, the better your salary will be as dental professionals. As a starting point, you might want to practice what you have learned about dental hygiene in your first years of education in a small clinic. While you are also trying to achieve higher degree, you can search for other hospitals that can give you a better offer of salary. Once you have completed the degree, you will be more experienced and appropriate for the available job as a hygienist. You should also remember that even though larger cities pay a hygienist more, they also have higher standard of living. So, it will be better you for to check the current salary of dental hygienists as well as the standard of living in each city or state. In case there is any job vacancy for dental hygienists, you should make sure that you fulfill the exact requirements since it is possible for the vacancy to expect a hygienist with more than certificate. What you should not forget as well is that this job is not comparable with MD because MD requires more years of medical education and certification. At last, do you think that you deserve such job?