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As you may have known, there are a lot of medical research that confirm the connection between dental health and other health problems. Some of this dental health related conditions are coronary heart disease and diabetes. Therefore, taking care of your oral health is very important. The Blue Cross dental insurance, which is sometimes called Dental Blue is a part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance services. It is one of the dependable and affordable dental insurance available in United States, offering a huge network of dentist office.

There are advantages you can get in applying for the blue cross dental insurance, which include:

  • Saving money in participating dental specialist
  • The ability to choose any licensed dentist from a gigantic blue cross blue shield network
  • Free services, including diagnostic, preventive and checkups services (twice per benefit period)
  • An affordable monthly premium
  • No waiting period for preventive dental care, meaning that you can use the benefit as soon as you become the member of the blue cross dental insurance
  • The insurance covers both basic and major services (with terms and conditions applied), which include routine fillings, extraction, crowns, dentures and bridges.
blue cross blue shield dental insurance reviews

blue cross blue shield dental insurance reviews

Blue Cross Dental Insurance Covered Services :

Preventive Dental Services are the kind of services that are 100% covered by the company, and there is no deductible and waiting period. This include routine dental checkups, dental cleanings, pulp testing, emergency oral examinations, bitewing x-rays, annual fluoride cleaning (up to 18 years of age), sealants (for 6-15 years of age), space maintainers (up to 16 years of age), and palliative emergency treatment.

The Basic dental services are available after 6 months of waiting period, and the insurance company will cover 60% of the total cost, meaning that you only have to pay 40%. The services covered are endodontic, simple extraction, stainless steel crowns, routine fillings and oral surgery. Major dental services include gingivectomy, periodontal maintenance, porcelain crowns, dentures, gingival curettage, and bridges.  The blue cross dental insurance cover 50% of the cost.

The blue cross blue shield insurance cover many of United States area, but there are some slight differences in services for each state. That said, the difference should not be that big. Overall, the services class covered by the blue cross dental insurance is the same in every state. The difference lies in the covered cost. In some states, the bluecross blueshield insurance covers 80% of the cost for preventive dental services.

There are various different reviews about each individual blue cross dental insurance. Some earn a reputable and respected review, while others aren’t that good. However, make no mistake, most of these state-specific blue cross blue shield insurances got a bad mark because they only list a small number of supported states. If you are seldom to travel between states, these might be a good choice. One of them that got a great review is from the Anthem bluecross blueshield. Although there are limited  option when it comes to the family plan, the individual dental insurance plan is one of the best we’ve seen.


It is a fact that many seniors do not have dental coverage. Because of this reason, Blue Cross launches some packages which are called Anthem dental insurance for seniors to help seniors solve dental problems. Quality dental care is not only important for young people but also for seniors. Old people also need quality dental treatment to make their teeth and smile healthy.

Blue Cross offers three packages for seniors to pick. The prices are depending upon the packages. The price range starts from 23 dollars to 63 dollars a month. As you can see yourself, the prices of the packages are not too expensive for healthy teeth and smile. The company makes it possible that people do not have to spend a lot of amount of money for gaining quality dental care. Now you may be curious about the packages. Well, let us take a look at the packages of Anthem dental insurance for seniors.

Anthem Dental Insurance

Anthem Dental Insurance Packages

The company has been working with professional dentists to make these three packages materialize. The first package Blue Cross has to offer is the standard package. This package is created especially to help seniors prevent serious dental problems. This package is the cheapest package you may be interested in. Preventive dental care is very important for people. With this package, you will be able to know the condition of your teeth. If things worsen, you can find the solution to the problem sooner.

The second package is the premium package which includes preventive dental and some major procedures. You are required to pay some more money of course to take this package. But you will get coverage for some procedures such as fillings, root canals, periodontal services, extractions and many others. If you have bad teeth health history, this second package of Anthem dental insurance for seniors can be your best option. Yes, this is a good method you can take to make your teeth stay healthy.

The next package is called premium plus. With the package, you can get a lot of dental benefits. You will get comprehensive dental treatments. If you have serious dental problem, it is recommended that you pick this package so that you can avoid more dangerous dental problems in the future. The dentists in the network are all experts in the field. It means that this Anthem dental insurance for seniors is the way to stay healthy.