Senior Dental Insurance Plans


Senior dental insurance is the insurance offered by some trusted companies to give a warranty for the seniors’ dental health. There are several senior dental insurance plans recommended for you here, such as Discount Dental Plans, Dental Indemnity Insurance, HMO Dental Insurance Plans, and PPO Dental Insurance Plans. There are some requirements in getting the insurance.

The first recommended is the Discount Dental Plans offering from $6.95 per month which can usually be made as an alternative option. The discount plans are not included in insurance, so you will not find any payment reimbursement by the plan provider. In this type, the dentist must be paid the full discounted fee and you have to be responsible for doing this payment.

Dental indemnity insurance is a traditional one having a rule that the dentists will be chosen by the policyholder as she or he wants and the dentists will also paid directly by the patient. Actually, this kind of insurance is not as good as the other insurance companies because it is very easy for changing dentists, choosing dentists and seeing a specialist without a referral by the group members and employees. Well, due to that reason, this type is not really well-known because of its tiring claims procedures, higher deductibles, and costly annual premiums.

If you want an insurance that will not obligate you to spend much money, you can trust in HMO dental insurance. Low cost is one of the advantages offered by this organization. However, the strict requirements and restrictions on insured members are imposed by this organization’s DHMOs. They will also pay the dental providers based on the number of patients they have treated, but the providers will be allowed to have much time with each patient. The other advantage is the HMO policy will be easily accessed if the employer does not insure you.

The greatest savings are offered by the PPO Senior Dental Insurance to the plan members who have already chosen a dentist within the network; however, in choosing a provider outside of the network will also be allowed. In this organization, the dentists can be paid directly for the services when you are seeing them and also the co-pay. And the dentists will be paid directly by the PPO organizations then. However, you should also remember that PPO organization for the seniors can be more costly and the patients’ deductibles must be paid by themselves before the beginning of the coverage.

The other best senior dental insurance is spirit dental. You can visit its homepage at or if you have some questions or even want to know further information, you can try to contact their customer service at Meritain Health, PO BOX 27810, Minneapolis, MN 55427-0810 or by phone on 800.765.4224 or you can leave comments on the blank on its site. Whatever your choice, make sure it it is the best.

Senior Dental Insurance


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