Guardian Dental Insurance – A Good Choice for Employees


For more than five decades Guardian Dental Insurance has been providing employees many dental benefits. Guardian has a number of offers that are suitable for small and medium firms. Good dental care can cost you thousands of dollars if you are not protected by a good dental insurance. With Guardian, you will never face a serious problem in paying the bill.

Guardian Dental Insurance is one of the leading companies in the business in the United States. Seeing the good reputation and years of experiences of the employee benefits provider, spending a little amount of money for one of the dental insurance plans offered will never become a wrong decision in your life. Let us now take a look at what the various insurance plans you will like.

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What Guardian Dental Insurance Has to Offer

The company has been working hard to be an innovative dental benefits provider. Therefore, their offers are great for many employees and their families. The features of the insurance plans include coverage of periodontal treatments, dental implants, cancer screening, and adult fluoride treatment. What is more, you have the chance to get nice discounts every time you visit one of the offices within the network.

There are three dental insurance plans to choose from. The first insurance plan to mention here is Dental Preferred PPO. It is the best plan Guardian Dental Insurance has to offer its customers. With the plan, you can choose any dental care provider you like. Even, you are allowed to pick a provider outside the network. But the main important thing of choosing a dental care provider within the network is that you can save the amount of money you need to spend for any dental treatment you may take. You can save up to 30 percent.

The second dental insurance plan you may also interested in is Dental Guard Basic. This plan is more flexible. It means that you are allowed to select coverage according to your needs. What makes the Basic plan great is that you do not have to wait for a certain amount of time to get coverage for major procedures.

Pre-Paid DHMO is the next dental insurance plan, which can be a good choice if you want to prevent any dental problems. With the pre-pain plan, Guardian Dental Insurance ensures that you will get 100% coverage for deductible services and preventive services. The cost of major services is reasonable.

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