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Today we are going to discuss about the University of Washington Dental School clinics. As you may have known, University’s clinics are good option when you need an affordable place to take care of your oral health. But make no mistake, the UW dental school clinics offer an extensive services despite having a cheaper price compared to the professional clinics.

There are three main categories available in this University of Washington Dental School clinic, which are:

Dental Student Clinics

This dental student clinics offer the most affordable services out of three types of dental clinics available in the UW. Of course, there are differences among fees, determined by the procedure you are taking. Nevertheless, the fees are around 40% cheaper than the private dentists’ clinics in the state area.
The dental student clinics offer preventive and restorative care, done by student dentists, which are under supervision if experienced faculty dentists. The downside is that it takes a lot of time, because the step-by-step procedure should be watched over. It is a good choice when you have a mild oral problem or doing a routine checkup visit.

university of washington dental school requirements

Graduate Specialty Clinics

The Graduate Specialty Clinics takes care of oral health problems that need higher technical skills and are more complicated than the basic or mild oral problem covered in the dental student clinics. This so-called the UW residents’ clinic is handled by graduate specialty dental students whom already earned DDS degree, and are studying a dental specialty.

The services provided are under the supervision of the faculty, which means that the time taken in the examination is shorter compared to dental student clinics, but it is still longer than the average private dental office. Regarding the fees, it is depending on the oral care you are taking. However, in general the graduate specialty clinics provide around 25% cheaper oral care compared to private dentist clinics.

UW Dentists Faculty Practice

The University of Washington dental school clinic’s dentists faculty practice is the fully professional dental office. In this clinic, you will be handled with UW’s most experienced faculty dentists, which means that they can cover almost all of your dental problems. The dentists have an excellent reputation, recognized internationally for their expertise.

Of course, in this clinic the price would be higher compared to the dental student clinic and the graduate specialty clinic. The time taken for examination is pretty fast. Overall, the clinic offers the same –if not more complete –services offered by your regular dental office.

One of the positive things about the University of Washington dental school clinics is that they care about adults. The UW Community Dental Plan is available for adults that are eligible for Medicaid. If you are eligible for Medicaid, you can get your dental care with big discount, up to 70 to 80 percent compared to the standard fee. The UW Community Dental Plan is also eligible for adults with DSHS Provider One Card. For more information, please call 206.616.6996.

To sum it up, the dental clinics offered by University of Washington could be a good choice, as long as you are wise enough to make your decision. If you have minor dental problems or want to go to a regular checkup or do a preventive care, it would be best to visit the dental student clinics. If you have mediocre dental problems, you should come to the graduate specialty clinics. Lastly, the UW dentists’ faculty practice should be your option when you have severe dental problems.


Dental health month is common activity which you can find in many preschools. This activity is performed to support the children health program. The first national children’s dental month was held in Cleveland. It is now held nationwide every February. If you are planning to hold dental health month preschool, here are some aspects to consider.

The first thing to remember is dental health month preschool is all about the dental health. However, since it is for preschool students, you need to make it fun and interesting for them. It is a good idea for you to involve the parents and caregivers to give demonstration of dental health and regular dental checkups. You need to inform the children and parents to know that February is the dental month. There will be dental health themed bulleting boards in February. You can use the posters which are given by American Dental Association. As another option, you can also create the poster by your own. Do not forget to include the colorful pictures and the list of activities in your class during the month. Encourage parents to join the program. You are recommended to provide the list for local dentists in the area and ask the parents to take active role in oral health of their children.

Dental Health Month Preschoolimage:

Dental health month preschool is also good moment to bring the dental treatment to your students. It is known that many children are scared of dental visit. Invite dentist or dental hygienist to your classroom. You can give understanding to your students that dentists are not something to be scared of and ease their fear. During their invite, the dentist or dental hygienist should bring their tools, goggles, and face mask which are usually worn during examination. The dentist can give explanation on the usage of the tools. Ask the dentist to explain about dental health, cavities, and tooth decay. During dental health month preschool, it is also recommended for the dentist to give proper demonstration on brushing and flossing. You should give times for the children to ask questions.

Create fun and interesting activities to introduce the dental health. You might want to print some food pictures and ask your students to choose which foods are healthy for teeth and foods cause cavities. You can make a game to help your students learning about it. Make sure you give explanation on the importance of brushing and flushing after eating foods to prevent the cavities. The main concept of dental health month preschool is introducing the dental health through fun and educating activities.

Many people dreams to be a dentist since their childhood. To reach the dream to become a quality and competent dentist they have to study hard and also choose the right institution to train them such as the UIC Dental School. Many reasons for children or teenager wanting to be a dentist, from the silliest one like that dentist has to wear cool white coat like general practitioners, the ideal one like to help the community by improving the community oral health or even the realistic one, that a dentist is rewarded with lucrative salary and fee. All of the reasons are acceptable as long they can be a competent, well-trained and responsible dentist in the future. If you really want to be a quality dentist you must strive in your study and apply for the best institution such as the UIC Dental school at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The college offers a variety of different dental programs:

  • Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD),
  • International Dentist Degree Program (IDDP),
  • Ph.D. in Oral Sciences and
  • specialty certification in endodontics, orthodontics, dental surgery, periodontics, pediatric dentistry, and prosthodontics

Requirements for admission and graduation for each program are different while all students have to be US legal resident or citizens.

UIC Dental Schoolimage:

The UIC Dental School Programs Requirements

There are various programs offered by the UIC Dental School with different admission requirement:

  • DMD or Doctor of Dental Medicine

To apply for the DMD Program at the UIC Dental School you have to hold a bachelor degree with at least six hours credit of biology, fourteen hour of chemistry, six hours of physics an six hours of English, minimum grade for each subject is “C”. Along with application, the applicant must also submit three letters of recommendation, completed application forms, and Dental Admission Test scores.

  • IDDD or International Dental Degree Program

This program provides chances for student from abroad with a dental degree to acquire U.S licensing by studying in the UIC two years international program. The potential student has to submit their UIC application materials along with proof of residency status, two letters of recommendation, transcript, a copy of the foreign degree, TOEFL scores, National Board part I scores and the American Dental Education Association Centralized Application for Advanced Placement for International Dentists.

  • Ph.D

To apply for PhD program the applicant have to submit a statement of personal interest and three letters of reference.

For further information about the UIC Dental School you can call student admission office at (312) 996-1020 or (312) 996-7555.

One of the best dental schools in the world is the Harvard dental school. If you decide to plunge into dentistry as the path of your life, then Harvard can lead you to your bright future. It was the first dental school in the United Sates. Up to now, the school has produced millions of professionals in the dental field. And the world would not dare refuse the quality of dentists who learned at the school.

The school is originally named Harvard School of Dental Medicine (HSDM). Enrolling at the Harvard dental school will never be a wrong decision. There are many advantages you can expect from the school. Once you become a student of the HSDM, you belong to a group of incredible people. There, at the HSDM, you will not only learn in class but also participate in community projects, organize seminars, work with other extraordinary people and many other interesting things.

If you are interested in enrolling at the dental school, you will like to learn more about the programs you can take.

Harvard Dental Schoolimage:

Medicine Programs of the Harvard Dental School 

The Harvard dental school has been committing to provide the world high quality dentists through its programs. The programs include DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) program, AGE (Advanced Graduate Education) program, and BSDM (Biological Sciences in Dental Medicine) program. You can choose one of these programs to ensure your future.

As for the DMD program, it will give you advanced knowledge in dentistry. The goal of this program is developing students who are able to have comprehensive understanding of oral and systemic health. The program expects you to study in class, practice in real dental office and conduct research in the dental field. By taking this program, you will have the bigger chance to work in reputable institutions or companies in the dental field.

The next program the Harvard dental school has to offer is the AGE. This program is designed to lead students get awarded with a doctor or master of medical sciences degree. However, if you take this program, you are required to conduct beneficial research before you graduate.

If you want to earn a PhD degree, you can take the BSDM program. This program is designed to provide students intellectual foundation for dental medicine. You will learn the process of molecular, cellular, supramolecular and supracellular. The Harvard dental school will make your dream come true.

If you have a dream to become a professional dentist, the first step you need to take is enrolling at the Tufts Dental School. The school of dental medicine has been helping people to reach their goal since nineteenth century. With these many years of experience, the dental school knows very well what a professional dentist should be.

The school has committed to provide the best education and dental services. Its reputation is not in doubt anymore as the Tufts Dental School is admitted as one of the best dental schools in the United States. They deal with the latest technology improvement so that dentists graduated from the school will be able to have comprehensive examination capacity. In addition, they have been working with some experienced hospitals in the country in order to help students pass their externship courses. Students are not only expected to be able to apply science but also to heal human illness.

The Tufts Dental School is a great place to learn to how to become a professional in the field. Besides they provide high quality education, they also provide dental clinics to serve people’s dental needs. For an emergency dental care, you will like to go to the clinics. The main reason is that you will need to spend lower prices for the services as compared to other dental care providers in this big country.

There are four programs you can choose in this Tufts Dental School. The first program to mention here is the DMD or Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. In the second place, there is two combined degree program. For students from other countries, there is Dental International program they can take. This program help them much practice in any states through the country. Postgraduate and specialty program are also available for those who are interested.

As for the curriculum applied in the school is the competency curriculum. They have made many changes in order to make their students better and better every year. After you graduate from the school, it will not difficult for you to find a job in dental care.

You may wonder the facilities the Tufts Dental School has to over. Well, as for the building, the great school has a five floor building which looks great. Two of the five floors are used for patient clinic. An expanded laboratory is also provided so that students can learn comprehensively.

Tufts Dental SchoolImage:

Actually, what will you think when you hear about certain term such as dental school application? Well, I can make sure that mostly of you may say that it is the basic process in gaining certain education that is in dentistry field. People who have the need to apply for dental school perhaps need to pay attention on several things and must prepare any requirements needed before they apply for such education. Before we discuss further about it, let’s talk first why the amount of people who are interested in such study is increasing. It is perhaps because the demand in the society about both maintenance and treatment of their teeth is increasing as well. So, certain career such as dentist indeed can become any people’s opportunity to gain their success especially in the finance aspect. In this article actually, I want to discuss about how people can submit their dental school application in simpler method.

How to Submit Dental School Application Online

Commonly, in registering in any dental school, people may go to one of nearest school in their town right to apply for education there? Such kind of method indeed can make people lose much energy and time to gain their dental education. In this case, to make any effort to submit your dental school application, you can indeed take benefit from advance technology such as internet. It means that you need only to find online dental education site that can accept online registration. Can you imagine that you need only to visit certain education site in order to both gain information about dentistry as well as applying for such dental education directly through their site? This method indeed can give you comfort rather than wandering around your town and queuing just simply to apply for dental education.

Although there are many similar sites that offer you similar service, you indeed can trust such service to become your choice. Actually, you need also to prepare any requirements in maximizing the chance to for your application to be approved and you can start your study sooner. It is indeed that basic education such related college credits that at least reaching for study within two years. Perhaps your strong will in becoming professional dentist can help you significantly in the process of gaining dental education. So, after acknowledging the simplicity in submitting for dental school application, I bet that you may have brighter ways in achieving your goal to serve people with your dental skill and knowledge right?

Dental School Application


  • Application Process.
  • Image:

Based on the research done by the American Dental Association Journal in 2005, the percentage of female dentists is just 14%. The numbers hopefully will be increasing in 2020 to become about 29%. It is just like the numbers of practitioners in other medical disciplines that are dominated by men. Such reality makes some dental schools provide special dental scholarships for women. It hopefully can increase the numbers of female students in the dental schools that commonly have high cost of school fees. You can find the dental schools with scholarships for women below.

Dr. Bessie Elizabeth Delaney Female Dental Scholarships

Dr. Bessie Elizabeth Delaney is a former dentist, an initiate in the movement of civil rights, and also an author. The National Dental Association wants to honor the female dentist by releasing the Dr. Bessie Elizabeth Delaney Award as much as $10,000. The dental scholarship is given to those who are following postgraduate dental degree. To apply the scholarship, someone should be a United States citizen and a member of National Dental Association. The applicant has to submit an application letter for the scholarships, curriculum vitae, and two recommendation letters. Besides, the program director of the student should also give the nomination that the applicants are eligible to get the award. After the requirements are completed, the applicant should submit them via website of National Dental Association.

Eleanor J. Bushee Memorial Female Dental Scholarships

Eleanor J. Bushee was the American Association of Women Dentists president. To honor of her works is the reason why this scholarship is launched. The women dental scholarships will be given to those who have qualified leadership demonstrations and have high academic value. The students’ school dean will choose the winners of the scholarships and you have to be a member of American Association of Women Dentists. Dental Scholarships are regularly launched by the dental school every year in different types and sums of the incentives; based on the funds gotten from the organization funding.

Enid A. Neidle Three Months Education Program

This dental scholarship will be given to some members of female dental faculty. It will be the incentives for attending the education program in American Dental Education Association as long as three months in Washington DC. The students will learn about dental issues related to women and the female educators in dental schools. As long as three months of the educational program, each of the attendees will get $6,000; living expenses and travel included. The scholarships will be given to the members of American Dental Education Association and dental schools. To apply the scholarship, the students should attach an essay that writes about the benefits of the program for career goals of the candidates.

Short term Training Awards of Craniofacial Research and National Dental Institute

This scholarship is sponsored and funded by American Dental Association, Craniofacial Research and the National Institute of Dental. The money of the scholarships will be used by students to do researches while educated in the school. The applicants must be a dental school’s student and the citizen of United States.

Dental Scholarships


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